Women’s trip to Morocco

Feminine travel to Morocco, women can visit Morocco all year round, without obligations or conditions.
Morocco is a safe country, therefore a foreign woman’s trip is possible. We organize tours through Morocco especially for women, our guides will take you to safe and secure places.
The Morocco woman Tour includes all the activities that other normal Trip included in addition to it we add activities that attract women for example: the visit of the cooperative of cosmetic products, such as argan oil, aromatic oils … Caftan market. and berber rugs, courses in Moroccan cuisine from different cities and Moroccan regions.

Women Morocco tour:

The women’s tour in Morocco also includes a camel ride in the dunes. Sleeping in nomad tents in the dunes of the Sahara …
The women’s trip to Morocco also includes visiting nomadic families, and meeting Berber women and seeing how he prepares the country in the traditional oven, preparing couscous, and how he takes care of their babies and children.

Women’s trip to Morocco may include guided tours of the imperial cities of Morocco, Fez, Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes.