Trip to Morocco with children:

The trip to Morocco with children is an activity that we attach great importance to, our experienced team helps you to complete your trip with your children. We hire highly experienced drivers to take care of you and your child. We offer family vehicles equipped with comfortable child seats. Your trip to the desert with your children takes you to the dunes of the Desert to have fun with you kids in the sand dunes for example you play board on the dunes, we offer educational activities for you and your children to enjoy your stay in Morocco, in the evening you return to your well-equipped hotel in the village.

What to eat with your child during the trip to Morocco:

We take you to restaurants that have the good clean dishes, with a children’s menu, and you can choose the perfect restaurant on your own from those on offer.

Family accommodation during the Morocco tour:

We offer clean and comfortable hotels with children’s rooms and children’s menu for dinner and breakfast.

The Tour  path in Morocco with your children:

We always keep your comfort and that of your children, so the distance traveled per day must be short so as not to tire the children and make the most of the beautiful landscape.